[Duplicated typescript from the International Court of Justice in the Hague, with text in both French and English.] 'Audience with the Queen of the Netherlands', including the text of a letter from the Queen to the Grand Master of the Court.

[Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (1880-1962); The International Court of Justice, The Hague]
Publication details: 
'Distr.272. | 17.3.1948.' The Hague [Netherlands], 17th March, 1948.

4pp., foolscap 8vo, on the rectos of four leaves. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The first two pages carry the French text ('C.I.J.') and the last two the English text ('I.C.J.'). One page carries instructions for the 'Audience de la Reine des Pays-Bas' ('Audience with the Queen of the Netherlands'), and the next carries an 'Annexe a Distr.272' ('Annex to Distr. 272'). The latter is a copy of a letter from Hardenbroek, Grand-Master of the Court of Her Majesty the Queen, to 'Monsieur le Président of the International Court of Justice, Peace Palace, The Hague'.

[Printed British classified military radio manual.] Reception Sets R.107. General Description and Working Instructions. ZA 3220. Not to be published. [With three fold-out diagrams and seven fold-out plates.]

[Reception Set R.107 radio receiver, British classified military radio manual]
Publication details: 
2nd printing. Place and publisher not stated. Undated [circa 1942].

8vo booklet stapled into card wraps, with 40pp. of text, headed 'OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS - R.107' (divided into: General Description; Working Instructions; Maintenance), followed by the ten fold-out plates, consisting of three circuit diagrams and seven plates of photographic illustrations on art paper.

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