[ Royal Navy ] Autograph Letter Signed "R B Farquhar" to "Hall", about the revision of regulations and the Russian Fleet's firing on fishing boats at Dogger Bank.

R.B. Farquhar [ Captain, later Admiral Richard Bowles Farquhar, C.B., Royal Navy (1859–1948)].
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HMS Resolution [printed] changed to 'Essex' in MS, Cromarty 25 Oct. 1904.

Seven pages, 12mo, two bifoliums, fold marks, staining caused by (removed) sellotape, text clear and complete. "I have read with great interewst the proposed draft revision of the present Regulations governing the exams & advancement of acct. officers." He hopes they will be adopted, but then raises "points of criticism" about hard-working secretaries, officers who fail first time, fewer different certificates of service, presentation of certificates by candidates, disuse of a writer as a clerk, etc. He had taken command of the "Essex" on the 14 September (i.e.

To the Brave of the Land of the Mimosa. The Japanese. (Poem).

Everard Digby
Publication details: 
No place or date but 1905-ish.

Printed Handbill, c.7.5 x 12", pink paper, fold marks, sl. tear on folds. An exhortation to the Japanese against the Russians commencing "Heed not the boasting Russian horde who claim our dearest rights, / Hold we our heads aloft, stand firm, in many glorious fights; / Forward - ye sons of Fair Japan . . ./ Sedition enters not our ranks as in the Russian host . . ./ They shall lead us to Port Arthur, our Standard there shall soar . . ./ . .. the treacherous Muscovite . . . / Anarchy looms in the distance . . ./ The innocent who have been sacrificed in Siberia's icy zone . . .".

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