5 items: J. E. Beale 'Blackmore Doll's Pattern'; 'Dolls And How To Make Them' by Winifred M. Ackroyd; two different copies of 'A Dolls' House Designed and Built by the late Mr. T. Batty of Drighlington, Near Bradford', June 1985 Sasha Dolls booklet.

[Dolls and dolls' houses; Winifred M. Ackroyd; T. Batty of Drighlington, near Bradford; J. E. Beale, Bournemouth (The Blackmore Fashion Co.); Sasha Dolls Ltd, Stockport]
Dolls and dolls' houses
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Pattern from the 1920s? Ackroyd's book from the 1930s? The Batty book from 1948? Sasha catalogue June 1985.
Dolls and dolls' houses

All items in good condition, on aged paper. ITEM ONE: 'Blackmore Doll's Patterns | One-Piece Dress, Bonnet, Petticoat, Bodice, Chemise and Drawers.' By J. E. Beale, Ltd. Doll Department, Bournemouth. [1920s]. Pattern in pieces of brown paper, in envelope printed with instructions and illustrations. The envelope also contains an illustrated advertisement for the Blackmore catalogue, on blue paper. ITEM TWO: 'Dolls And How To Make Them' by Winifred M. Ackroyd. At foot of title-page: 'To my fellow workers of the W.V.S. (Girlington Hospital Supplies Depot).

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