[ Ondra Lysohorsky, 'a great poet of humanity', Censored cold-war Lach (Czech/Silesian) poet and his English translators Christopher Fry, David Gill and Alan N. Phillips ] An Archive

Ondra Lysohorsky, poet
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'Ondra Lysohorsky' is the pen-name of the Lach poet Ervin Goj [Erwin Goy] (1905-1989), who, as a Silesian, was largely responsible for the creation of Lach as a literary language. (Born into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he repudiated the Czechoslovakian citizenship he inherited.) Having fled the Nazis, Lysohorsky was feted in the Moscow literary circles of the 1940s, with Boris Pasternak among his translators. Feeling that academic promotion was being denied him, he appealed directly to Stalin, but following his return to Czechoslovakia after the war, his situation worsened.

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