[The Raj in the 1880s.] Collection of fourteen British parliamentary papers, relating to: transfer of government to Simla, railways, silver, finance (tax, accounts, loans, revenue and expenditure).

[The Raj in the 1880s: British parliamentary papers relating to India]
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All fourteen items printed for the House of Commons in London in 1886: items 9, 12 and 14 by Eyre and Spottiswoode, the rest by Henry Hansard and Son.

The present collection reflects the state of Kipling’s India during the high summer of the Raj. At the end of 1884 Lord Dufferin replaced the Earl of Ripon as Viceroy, and apart from a period of seven months between June of 1885 and January of 1886, when Lord Salisbury and the Conservatives were in power following the death of General Gordon, and Lord Randolph Churchill was Secretary of State, Gladstone and the Liberals were in power.

[ Beatrice Irene Magraw, children's author as "B.I. Magraw". ] Collection of personal papers, including autobiographical account, an article, newspaper cuttings, portrait photograph, publicity material, letters from Richard Church and Norman Fulton.

Beatrice Irene Magraw [ B. I. Magraw, born Beatrice Irene May ] (c.1888-1970), author, wife of Charles Magraw (d.1973), deputy headmaster, Bishop Cotton School, Simla [ Richard Church; Norman Fulton ]
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London and Bristol. Between the 1930s and 1960.

Eleven items, in good overall condition. ONE: Autograph biographical account, on form headed 'National Service'. 4pp., folio. Bifolium. Includes personal and academic details, details of publications and political views. As her 'Literary Pseudonym she gives '(occasionally) "MARY PADESON". She has, she states, no academic qualifications, 'But read economics in youth (Society of Oxford Home Students) Ill-health prevented continuance of studies & examination'.

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