[Samuel Pepys, diarist.] Two albums containing a collection of more than 500 cuttings on Pepys from English newspapers, begun by W. H. Whitear, completed by Edwin Chappell, with a few by David Dale, with collection of 57 lantern slides for lecture.

Samuel Pepys, diarist; Edwin Chappell (1883-1938), Pepys scholar and maritime historian, lecturer at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich; Walter H. Whitear (c.1853-1932); David Dale; Royal Navy
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Two volumes containing cuttings from Fleet Street and provincial newspapers, dating from between 1906 and 1939. Lantern slides undated, but collection includes advertisement for lecture in 1938.

Three items, including two substantial albums containing in excess of 500 newspaper cuttings. The first album was commenced in 1906 by Pepys scholar Walter Henry Whitear, and completed by Chappell after Whitear's death in 1932, the last cuttings in it dating from the following year.

[ Surrealism. ] Set of twelve photographic slides, with accompanying booklet in French, of work by Ernst, Miro, Arp, Malkine, Tanguy, Dali, Giacometti, Magritte, Masson and Man Ray, to accompany Patrick Waldberg's book.

[ Patrick Waldberg (1913-1985), poet and expert on Surrealism; Ernst, Miro, Arp, Malkine, Tanguy, Dali, Giacometti, Magritte, Masson and Man Ray ]
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'Dossier 5-306 et 307 Juin-Juillet 1970'. 'Droits de reproduction reserves S. P. A. D. E. M., Syndicat de la Propriete Artistique, et A. D. A. G. P., Association pour la Diffusion des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques, Paris.'

In very good condition, in transparent plastic waller. Accompanied by two booklets in French, containing extensive scholarly text on each painting. From the Philip West archive.

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