Mid-Victorian manuscript list, headed 'Weight of Appointments', giving the weights of a British Army cavalryman's equipment.

[British Army Cavalryman's list of 'Weights of Appointments', circa 1850]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [Circa 1850.]

On one side of a piece of 15.5 x 11 cm laid paper. In fair condition, on lightly-aged and creased paper. The list gives the weights of nine items (Saddle; Horse Shoes & Nails; Velisse; Sword & Belts; Carbine; Ammunition 20 rounds; Cloak; Sheep Skin & Shabracque; Wallets), ranging in weight from 27 lbs to 4 1/2 lbs, and totalling 7 st 3 lbs. Apparently very scarce. No record found.

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