Engraved bookplate headed 'LA FELICITA' DELLE LETTERE'.

Antonio Visentini (Venice, 1688-1782), Italian (Venetian) engraver
Publication details: 
Without date or place, but with 'Ant. Visentini Inu. Del. et Sculpsit.' at foot.

Dimensions of plate roughly four and a half inches by six and a half wide. Dimensions of paper roughly five inches by seven wide. Clear image on stained, grubby laid paper. Shows mythological figure with helmet and shield holding up a book, within a monumental border with coins, ivy, statuary, etc. This bookplate has been found in conjunction with another reading "Ex Libris Alexandri Torrigiani Med. Doct. Coll. Parmensis", and this may provide a clue to the provenance.

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