[Printed card.] Inspection Exercise for the Brigade of Bucks Yeomen Cavalry.

[John Seeley, printer, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire; Bucks Yeomen Cavalry; Royal Buckinghamshire Yeomanry]
Publication details: 
'(Seeley, Printer, Buckingham.)' [John Seeley, Buckinghamshire; circa 1825.]

On both sides of a piece of 11.5 x 7.5 cm card, with rounded edges, and with the reverse paginated '(2)'. A nice piece of provincial printing, in very good condition, lightly-aged. The first page headed: 'INSPECTION EXERCISE | FOR THE BRIGADE OF | BUCKS YEOMEN CAVALRY.' , and with the slug '(Seeley, Printer, Buckingham.)' at the foot. The first page carries 23 lines of commands, from 'MARCH past by half Squadrons.' to 'Wheel on Centre of Squadron, by the Right.' The reverse carries 25 lines of commands, from 'ADVANCE, File from right of threes. Front form.' to 'General Salute.

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