Manuscript Victorian directions for a servant in a large establishment, giving twenty instructions, primarily regarding cleaning.

[Directions for a nineteenth-century English servant; Victorian domestic service]
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Without date or place. [England, 1860s?]
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4pp., 16mo. Bifolium. On piece of watermarked laid paper. The first page reads: 'Not to call out to any of the servants but to go up to them when wanted or to ring the call bell. | Care about curtains & chairs - wear white cotton gloves to touch them with | Open shutters gently so as not to disturb the family. | Dont talk loud or laugh loud. - where there are many servants the noise is disagreeable & never allowed.' Towards the end: 'In setting your candle down see that there is nothing over it - such as a picture frame or ornament of any kind -'. Last entry: 'Air your own clothes thoroughly - If ill complain at once.'