[ 'The Bath Contest' for the Office of Master of Ceremonies, 1769. ] Printed handbill by 'A Neutral Observer', addressed 'To the Ladies and Gentlemen, who are yet uninfluenced by Party or Faction in the Present Election.'

'A Neutral Observer' [ 'The Bath Contest' for the Office of Master of Ceremonies, 1769, followinng the death of Samuel Derrick ]
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[ Bath, Somerset. ] [4] April 1769.
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1p., 8vo. (roughly 27.5 x 18.5 cm). On a piece of watermarked laid paper. The present item is the original handbill reproduced on pp.41-44 of 'The Bath Contest: Being a Collection of all the Papers, Advertisements, &c. Published Before and Since The Death of Mr. Derrick, By the Candidates For the Office of Master of Ceremonies, And their Friends, Digested in Regular Order' (Bath: Archer and Cruttwell, 1769). It is scarce: no other copy being traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC. A frail survival, on aged, worn and creased paper, with loss at head and to left-hand margin. It has lost the top line of the two-line heading, consisting of 'To the Ladies and Gentlemen, who are yet uninflu-'. The only other part of the text lacking is the number 4 of the day of the month, in the bottom left-hand corner, leaving 'th April, 1769.' The initial paragraph is addressed to 'Ladies and Gentlemen', and this is followed by one addressed to 'Ladies', with the last four paragraphs addressed to 'Gentlemen'. The document begins: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, | Your Interests are united by the strong Hand of Nature. She hath given to both Sexes those Powers, which equally promote each other's Happiness.' It concludes: 'What a Scene for your Sex to appear in? Your Absence may shame them into Temper. A Room full of Men! What a ridiculous Sight! What Wretches should we be without You.' Note: Captain William Wade was appointed MC in 1769 (-1777).