Robins Millar; Canadian emigre in Scotland; Playwright ] Eleven, usually substantial, Typed Letters Signed Robins to theatre historian, W. Macqueen-Pope (Popie).

Robins Millar, Robins Millar (1889-1968), emigre Canadian journalist, playwright, artist poet and writer.. based in Glasgow.
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9 Park Quadrant, Glasgow C 3, 27 September 1950-28 December 1953.
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Twelve TLSs, 1-3pp. each, total 27pp., 4to. His subjects are predictable: his plays, his portraits, the contemporary theatre, performances (Brigadoon etc), actors, films, art exhibition, personal matters (eg his wife's ill heath, children), his writing activities,Popie's works (showing enthusiasm), drawing and writing activities, visitors to Glasgow (Hannan Swaffer writing articles on Scotland), portrait he did of Popie, the life of Novello (ghost-written then done in earnest by Popie), Edinburgh Festival, anecdotes, suggestions for theatrical books, insider gossip, anecdotes, etc etc. WITH one Copy TKLS, Popie to Millar. Note: Robins Millar (1889-1968) was a Canadian journalist, playwright, poet and writer. His plays were performed by theatres such as the Curtain Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland. He wrote short stories, many of which were published in the Glasgow Evening News. He was drama critic for the Daily Express. The University of Glasgow has a substantial archive of his Personal and Professional Papers.