[ Nat Travers; Cockney Singing Comedian ] Autograph Note Signed Nat Travers to theatre historian, W.J. MacQueen-Pope (Popie).. WITH: [Printed] Community Singing Choruses headed NAT TRAVERS, (The King of Coster Comedians, etc.).

Nat Travers, The Pearly King Cockney Singing Comedian.
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Printed heading (self-advertisement - see below) Guest turn: Trocadero: 2-2-5[1?].
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NOTE: One page, sm. folio, fold marks, eccentric spelling, omissions, and grammar included: Dear Popie I heard you a few Times on Wirless Real good. I Wrote to you years ago. I enclose your letter I enclose I knew if They gave you a chance they will Want you : fo good. I enclose | can you get me on: This is your Life [undelrined]: I still go great with every audience: [Mike?] Meehan Booked you: Ann Skelton: and myself years as ago: for Broadcast: Ive been on The Hallks 72 Years: What about you getting me to Sing and ask me a Part of my life Story: Keep Copies of Music as souveners: But Return Bills Etc early reply: | Cheerfully yours | Nat Travers. Printed heading includes such phrases as The Grand Old Timer, Radio & Television Star | From the Royal Festival Hall, Gaumont State, Kilburn (the largest Theatre in Europe), Moss and Stoll Empires, Australia and Africa, also the Granada, Odeon and ABC Cinemas, address and a list of Songs [...] Recorded and Broadcast from My Old Dutch to Shake Hands with a Cockney. WITH: (Title] From the London Pavilion, Moss & Stolls Empires, also Super Cinemas. NAT TRAVERS, (The King of Coster Comedians.) | Community Singing Choruses, one page, folio, pink, fold marks, good condition. 24 choruses from Beer is Best to I'm One of the Old Froth Blowers to Look what Eddications done for Bob to Won't you buy some Beer.