[ Alfred Munnings, artist] Two Autograph Notes Signed Alfred Munnings to Tunnicliffe [Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe, artist and illustrator]. Somewhat stream of consciousness.

Alfred Munnings [Sir Alfred James Munnings (1878–1959), one of England's finest painters of horses, and as an outspoken critic of Modernism.]
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[Headed] From [...] Beldon House, 96 Chelsea Park Gardens, London, SW3, 17 Jan. 1956 and 7 Dec. 1956
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Both in pencil. Letter One (17 Jan.): One page, 8vo, good condition. Text: Hope you are better. All was well at the RA - as you saw [T?] Wheeler going well. | Now - Her is a lovely estuary wide & tidal from Harwich to Manningtree 800 swans ---- Vast herds of them - close in to edge often & out of the wader - You can touch them. | Masses of stuff ---- come & stay at Dedham Sun[day] ----or Colchester ----- & have a look [underlined]. Letter Two (7 Dec. 1956), two pages, 8vo, good condition. Text: Though you live in a remote Island, it is up to you to come to election on Tuesday 11th [underlined]. There is a real danger of James Fitton [underlined] getting in as P.R.A. It is a nightmare - but true [?]. A plot is on to put him there & we the sound sided ones are voting for Charles Wheeler [underlined] - who is [underlined] known or has an established name & is a gentleman. He promises that if elected, he will put Heart & soul into the job ---- Forgive oencil[underlined]. Every vote tells --- 1 vote may set this pusseyite [sic] pig jobber [sic!] in! Come & vote [underlined ]- [signature, then Postscript as follows] There are 800 [underlined] swans on the estuary of the Stour below Manningtree. Saw hundreds this afternoon.