[Mimeographed] "What is Project CN" [Communications Network Inc.; Race in America, 1968]

[Isaac Igarashi, Pat Walsh, Robert Maurer, et al; Race in America 1968]
Communications Network Inc.; Race in America, 1968
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[New York, 1968]
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10 mimeographed pages, 4to (A4), small rust marks where staple used to be, (pages now detached), mainly good condition, discussing a newly founded organisation, with some church involvement, to stimulate Black participation in American society. Headings include: I. The Dark Backdrop; II. The Options; III. Project CN - Unique Approach (developing over thelast seventeen months!, including list of crisis points - Martin Luther's King's assassination, Tuskagee, support of workers groups, "Eastman Kodak encounter with FIGHT", etc); IV. Organization Development (the Board, Staff, work categories, Develomental research, Cooperative field operations, Social change projects, etc etc);V. Actors in Project CN; VI. Funding Project CN. The accompanying envelope is addressed to Tom Driberg, English Member of Parliament, return address involves Robert Maurer, with an uptown Manhattan address. No other copy appears on WorldCat, NUCMC, let alone COPAC