[David Davies ('Dai'r Cantwr'), the Rebecca Riots and Transportation to Australia: Victorian Welsh street ballad.] Printed poem, titled: 'Can Hiraethlon David Davies (Dai'r Cantwr,) Pan yn Garcharor yng Nghaerfyrddin, am y Terfysg yn amser Becca'.

David Davies (c.1812-1874), Welsh poet known as Dai'r Cantwr (David the Singer), transported to Van Diemen's Land after the Rebecca Riots [nineteenth-century Welsh street ballad]
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No place or date. [Welsh, late Victorian.]

The full title reads: 'Can Hiraethlon | David Davies (Dai'r Cantwr,) | Pan yn Garcharor yng Nghaerfyrddin, am y Terfysg yn amser Becca. | Cenir ar y dôn “Roslin Castle.'” The title may be translated as 'A nostalgic song, written when a prisoner in Carmarthen, for the riot in Becca's time. | Sung to the tune of 'Roslin Castle'. 4pp, 12mo (15.5 x 9 cm). Paginated [1]-4. Disbound. A frail survival: aged and worn, with damp-stain along one edge. Beneath the title is a small vignette of a sailing ship, and at the end of the final page is another of a crown. Poem in four sixteen-line stanzas.

[Alessandro Gavazzi, Italian patriot.] Autograph Signature ('Alessandro Gavazzi') beneath inscription 'Dio e Patria'.

Alessandro Gavazzi (1809-1889), Italian patriot and opponent of Roman Catholicism [Gavazzi Riots, Canada, 1853]
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Clearly given in response to a request for an autograph. On one side of a 7 x 11 cm piece of paper. In good condition. In a good firm hand, reading: 'Dio e Patria | Alessandro Gavazzi | 1863'.

[Mimeographed] "What is Project CN" [Communications Network Inc.; Race in America, 1968]

[Isaac Igarashi, Pat Walsh, Robert Maurer, et al; Race in America 1968]
Communications Network Inc.; Race in America, 1968
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[New York, 1968]
Communications Network Inc.; Race in America, 1968

10 mimeographed pages, 4to (A4), small rust marks where staple used to be, (pages now detached), mainly good condition, discussing a newly founded organisation, with some church involvement, to stimulate Black participation in American society. Headings include: I. The Dark Backdrop; II. The Options; III. Project CN - Unique Approach (developing over thelast seventeen months!, including list of crisis points - Martin Luther's King's assassination, Tuskagee, support of workers groups, "Eastman Kodak encounter with FIGHT", etc); IV.

Printed Edinburgh Assize paper, a summons to be served to those accused of 'Mobbing and Rioting', 'Obstructing a Presbytery' and 'Assualt', in which Neave sets out the case against them. With 'List of Witnesses' and 'List of Assize. Edinburgh'.

Charles Neaves, A.D. [The Black Isle Riot, 1843; Royal Burgh of Cromarty, Scotland; Scottish law; Edinburgh assizes]
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[Edinburgh: 1843.]

Ten quarto pages (paginated 1 to 10) on three loose bifoliums. Stabbed as issued. Text clear and complete. On aged paper with chipping and short closed tears to edges.

[Drop-head title:] LETTER, No. 1. To the Editor of the Naval & Military Gazette. [LETTER, No. 2. To the Editor of the Naval & MIlitary Gazette. "The Duke and the Storming of Towns."] [LETTER, No. 3. (Confidential.) 26th August, 1839.]

W. D. B. [Naval and Military Gazette; Duke of Wellington; Birmingham Riots of 1839]
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Dated 'W. D. B. | 4th September, 1839.' Printer not stated.

12mo (leaf dimensions 22.5 x 14 cm): 12 pp paginated [3] to 14. Lacking (presumed) title-leaf. Unstitched, and consisting of one sheet of paper, 45 x 28 cm, folded twice to make four leaves; and one half sheet, 22.5 x 28 cm, folded to make two leaves. Text clear and entire, on heavily aged and spotted paper chipped at extremities. In an attempt to defend a perceived attack on his honour, W. D. B. prints, with commentary, three letters written by him to the editor of the Naval and Military Gazette, only the first of which was published (6 August 1839).

Autograph Letter Signed ('E Knatchbull') to the Mayor of Canterbury.

Sir Edward Knatchbull (1781-1849) of Mersham Hatch, Kent, 9th Baronet, English ultra-Tory politician [the Mayor of Canterbury]
Publication details: 
17 September 1841; Mersham Hatch.

4to, 3 pp. Very good, on aged paper. Small punch hole through top left-hand corner of both leaves of the bifolium (not affecting text, which is clear and entire). Knatchbull claims that it has been 'intimated' to him 'that the Removal of the Troops from Canterbury in consequence of the Election for the County, which is to take place on Monday next, will cause much Inconvenience, especially to the Trade of the City'. He does not think that the Secretary of State 'would like to interfere, unless in Concurrence with the desire & opinion of the Authorities of the City of Canterbury'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Sligo') to Brabazon.

Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquis of Sligo (1788-1845) [Sir William Brabazon (d.1840), 2nd Bart]
Publication details: 
July 16 1833; Mansfield Street.

12mo, 4 pp. Good, on lightly aged paper. Docketed in a contemporary hand (Brabazon's), beside Sligo's signature, 'second letter'. Sligo writes that the 'affair' to which Brabazon's letter alludes 'was purely of an official & Parliamentary nature', and that he 'must beg leave to decline receiving any communications respecting it', excepting in his 'place in the H of Lords'.

Autograph Signature to House of Commons order.

Publication details: 

Politician (1776-1858; DNB), later Speaker of the Commons, later 1st Baron Dunfermline. The Committee investigated the riot which took place behind Cold Bath Fields Prison in London on 15 May 1833, during which three policemen were stabbed, one of them fatally. 1 page, 8vo. Not in the best of condition: grubby, worn and creased with several closed tears. Rear repaired with archival tape. Reads 'House of Commons. | Select Committee on Cold Bath Fields Meeting | Veneris, 26o die Julij, 1833. | Right Honble Jas. Abercromby in the Chair | Ordered, | That Mr.

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