[Alessandro Gavazzi, Italian patriot.] Autograph Signature ('Alessandro Gavazzi') beneath inscription 'Dio e Patria'.

Alessandro Gavazzi (1809-1889), Italian patriot and opponent of Roman Catholicism [Gavazzi Riots, Canada, 1853]
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Clearly given in response to a request for an autograph. On one side of a 7 x 11 cm piece of paper. In good condition. In a good firm hand, reading: 'Dio e Patria | Alessandro Gavazzi | 1863'.

[ Alessandro Gavazzi, chaplain in Garibaldi's army during the Risorgimento. ] Autograph Note Signed ('Alessandro Gavazzi') to 'John Ledgett Esq', in English, regarding a meeting.

Alessandro Gavazzi (1809-1899), Italian political and church reformer during the Risorgimento, a chaplain in Garibaldi's army
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88 Newman Street [ London ]. 4 February [ 1850s ].

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper. Reads: 'Dear Sir | I returned yesterday only from a long journey. I hope to see you in he present week in the City.' In 1850 Gavazzi began a course of political and religious sermons in London; first at the Princess's Court Rooms, Great Castle Street, Oxford Street, and then from 1854 in an open chapel at King's Cross. In 1859 he returned to Italy to take up a post as chaplain for Giuseppe Garibaldi, serving in that role during the Expedition of the Thousand to Sicily in 1860.

[Charles Fairfax Murray.] Autograph Letter Signed ('C. F. Murray') to 'Fisher' [barrister Richard C. Fisher?] regarding his purchase of the Bellini Crucifixion, now in the Louvre, with reference to Duveen. Rodolphe Kann, von Bode, Volpi, Bonacossi.

Charles Fairfax Murray (1849-1919), art connoisseur and artist [Sir Joseph Duveen; Rodolphe Kann; Wilhelm von Bode; Elia Volpi; Alessandro Contini Bonacossi]
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On letterhead of 'Via Marsilio Ficino 12 | Firenze'. 24 September 1913.

A significant letter, filling gaps in the provenance of Bellini's Crucifixion, now in the Louvre. All that has been known hitherto about the painting's provenance is that at the beginning of the twentieth century it was in the Paris collection of the banker Rodolphe Kann, and that before the Second World War it was owned by the Florentine dealer Alessandro Contini Bonacossi, from whose heirs it was acquired by the Louvre in 1970.

Autograph Quotation Signed ('A. Maffei').

Alessandro Maffei, Italian Minister to Austria, 1859-67, and Ambassador to the United States, 1867-71
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14 April 1866. Place not stated.

On one side of a piece of laid paper, 11 x 18 cm. Laid down on a slightly larger piece of paper. Good: lightly aged with three neat vertical folds. Reads 'Oh! land of beauty - sun-lit Italy! How often do I fondly think of thee, | And of the days gone by . . . . . ! | [signature] A. Maffei | April 14th | 1866.'

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