Trade Card of Marlow Brothers of Dublin: 'Engravers, Lithographers, Copperplate Letter Press & General Printers. And Wholesale Paper Dealers'.

Marlow Brothers, nineteenth-century Dublin engravers and printers [ Great Industrial Exhibition, Dublin, 1853 ]
Publication details: 
Dublin: 10, Merchants Quay, opposite the Four Courts. Undated, but with 'Dublin Exhibition 1853' in manuscript on reverse.

Printed in black on one side of a 9 x 13cm card. In good condition, lightly aged, with patches of light staining. On blank reverse, in a small contemporary hand: 'Dublin Exhibition 1853'.(The firm produced a noteworthy coloured print for the exhibition.) As one might expect from a firm of engravers, some effort has been made in the layout of the card, with a central engraving of the Four Courts seen from over the Liffey surrounded by swirling lettering and flourishes.

Manuscript account of 'Revenue as calculated to end of Charter', including reference to St Helena.

East India Company [St Helena; Charter of 1833]
Publication details: 
Dated at foot '1845'.

On one side of a piece of laid watermarked paper, 14 x 8 cm. On aged and creased paper. The accounts are brief, and neatly written in an unidentified hand. At foot '1845'. Headed 'Revenue as calculated to end of Charter', and featuring a total of £17,936,217 against itemised charges of £18,763517, including those incurred 'in India', 'Esp: St Helena', 'Political Chges in England' and 'Cost of '. Beneath this a section headed 'Of ye above charges may be pble in Engd'.

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