Autograph Letter Signed ('B Price') from Bonamy Price, Drummond Professor of Political Economy at Oxford University, to 'My dear General' at Yale, following an 'American journey'.

Bonamy Price (1807-1888), Drummond Professor of Political Economy at Oxford University, and Fellow of Worcester College [William Graham Sumner (1840-1910), Professor of Sociology, Yale University]
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2 March 1875; on letterhead of 2 Norham Gardens, Oxford.
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4 pp, 12mo. Bifolium. 63 lines. Text clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Difficult hand. He thanks him for 'the Statistical Tables', admitting with 'some shame' that he needs 'an interpreter for part of the tables on page 68'. Describes the problem in detail, and discusses 'the sly remark that "the change is being made quite as abruptly as would be safe". [...] If you mean that the American producers, who may plead a kind of vested interest, would be let down <?>, I say nothing: the errors of the byegone generations must be paid for.' His 'American journey' did him 'an incredible quantity of good: how could it be otherwise with all the kindness I received? I am always vexed when I think that I said so little of you and Professor Sumner: I hope both of you may give me a better chance in Oxford.' Ends: 'I beg my kind regards to your father - and to those Yale friends who kind feeling up me. Don't forget Mrs Sumner.'?>