Autograph Note Signed ('E. Leslie -') by the American author of popular cookbooks and works of etiquette Eliza Leslie [Miss Leslie].

Eliza Leslie [Miss Leslie] (1787-1858), American author of popular cookbooks, and of works on etiquette
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No place. 14 October 183<4?>.
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1p., 4to. On aged paper, in two pieces, lightly-attached to a piece of backing paper. The text of the note and the signature are intact on the upper part of the letter, but the name of the recipient is lacking. The note reads '- May I ask you to advance me fifty dollars on account of the souvenir - Being disappointed in receiving some money that I expected from Boston, I am just now quite at a loss. | Yours | [signed] E. Leslie -'. Leslie's story 'The Souvenir' was first published in 1830 in 'The Pearl', and republished in 1832 in 'Affection's Gift'.