Four small children's stories published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, bound together in wraps with their original title pages: 'Tommy and Mary', 'The Rector's Brook', 'Dobbin; or, The Discontented Donkey', 'The Little Missionary'.

[The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London; James Truscott and Son, printers, Suffolk Lane, City; children's books]
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All four published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, and printed by Printed by James Truscott and Son, Suffolk Lane, City. All four undated [1870s].
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All four stories 16mo, and each with a frontispiece included in the pagination. ONE. 'Tommy and Mary. A Book for the Very Little Ones.' 17pp. TWO. 'The Rector's Brook: A Story for Little People.' 32pp. THREE. 'Dobbin; or, The Discontented Donkey.' 30 + [1]pp. FOUR. 'The Little Missionary. A Tract for Children.' 11pp. Stitched into printed wraps, with the front cover coloured blue and the rear pink. Aged and worn, but complete and tight. Handwritten in a contemporary hand on the reverse of two frontispieces: 'Kilndown Lending Library'. While the last story was much reprinted, the other three are scarce: COPAC only lists three copies of the first (BL, Oxford, Cambridge); one copy of the second (BL), and three copies of the third (BL, Cambridge, V&A).