Autograph Notebook of Private T. M. Rankin, 7394616, 13 FDS [Field Dressing Station], containing lecture notes compiled by him while training as a medical orderly. With six photograph loosely inserted, including three posed army groups.

Private T. M. Rankin, 7394616, 13FDS [Field Dressing Station], Second World War British Army medical orderly
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The notebook dated January to February 1944.
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65pp., in narrow ruled 32 x 13 cm notebook, with maroon embossed boards and cloth spine. Rankin has etched his initials into the front board. All in pencil, with the first page headed 'NO I LECTURES JAN-FEB. 44 | T M RANKIN. 7394616. 13 F.D.S.', and carrying a numbered list of 38 topics, from 'Observation of Patient' and 'Diet of Disease' to 'Fracture of Spine' and 'Burns'. Four pages of medical notes follow. Upside-down at the other end of the volume are 59 paginated pages of further notes, preceded by a list of a further 15 topics (numbered 39-53), from 'Eye Drops' to 'Rheumatic Fever'. Two autograph test papers by Rankin are loosely inserted, one (1p., 4to) marked at 69 out of 75 and the other (3pp., foolscap 8vo) at 92%. Seven black and white photographs are also loosely inserted, three of them stamped on the reverse 'COPYRIGHT PHOTOGRAPH | "KENT MESSENGER" | (COUNTY PAPER OF KENT)'. The first (11.5 x 16.5) shows a scene within a field hospital; the second (same dimensions) a platoon posing in five rows; the third (16 x 21cm) a larger print of the second; the fourth is a 16 x 20.5cm portrait of a platoon posing in three rows; the fifth is a 13.5 x 24.5cm posed portrait of a 26 individuals in uniform (including six women), a padre, a young girl and a man in civilian clothes, posing on a stage in two rows, with the girl sitting cross-legged at the front; the last photograph is a 14 x 9.5 cm postcard with a full-length image of a smiling nurse, the name 'Flo' written in ink on the reverse.