Printed Victorian handbill, with engraved illustration by S. Holden, of the 'Old House and "Plague-Stone" in the Wash-Lane, (near Warrington,) Cheshire. ['now in the possession of Dr. Kendrick, Warrington']

[Dr. James Kendrick (1809-1882), local historian; the Old House and Plague-Stone" in the Wash-Lane, near Warrington, Cheshire]
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Without place or date [c.1843].
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1p., 4to. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Engraved illustration of the Old House at the head (signed 'S. Holden'), with an engraving of the Plague-Stone beneath it, followed by the text: 'The Relic represented above formed the corner coping-stone of a garden wall, immediately above the spot indicated in the drawing by the letter A. It is traditional in the neighbourhood that about the middle of the 17th century, (probably in the year 1665,) several cases of The Plague occurred in this house. All direct intercourse with the neighbours being prohibited, the money paid for the provisions and other necessaries was deposited in the square dish seen in the Stone, which was kept filled with vinegar and water for the purpose of disinfection. Those who died of the Pestilence are said to have received interment in a field near the house, and here the remains of three bodies were discovered in the year 1843. The Stone is now in the possession of Dr. Kendrick, Warrington.' A note at the foot relates to the illustration of the Old House: 'The Wash-Lane was formerly often flooded with water, and it is thus represented, with the stepping stones for foot passengers'. Scarce: no copies on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC.