[ Sir Waldemar Mordechai Wolff Haffkine, Russian bacteriologist described by Lister as "a saviour of humanity". ] Two Autograph Letters Signed and an Autograph Card Signed (all 'W. M. Haffkine') [ to editor ], regarding his entry in Men of the Times.

Sir Waldemar Mordechai Wolff Haffkine [ born Vladimir Aaronovich Chavkin ] (1860-1930), Russian bacteriologist described by Joseph Lister as "a saviour of humanity"
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All on letterheads of the Buckingham Palace Hotel [ London ]. All dating from July 1899.

A Ukrainian Jew, Haffkine found his early career obstructed by his refusal to convert to the Russian Orthodox Church. He emigrated and worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, where he developed an anti-cholera vaccine that he tried out successfully in India. He is recognized as the first microbiologist to develop and use vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague. He tested the vaccines on himself. The three items in good conditon, lightly aged. ONE: ALS. 2pp., 12mo. He has been 'away from town', but now hopes to send 'a note on my work' within the week. 'It wd.

Printed Victorian handbill, with engraved illustration by S. Holden, of the 'Old House and "Plague-Stone" in the Wash-Lane, (near Warrington,) Cheshire. ['now in the possession of Dr. Kendrick, Warrington']

[Dr. James Kendrick (1809-1882), local historian; the Old House and Plague-Stone" in the Wash-Lane, near Warrington, Cheshire]
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Without place or date [c.1843].

1p., 4to. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Engraved illustration of the Old House at the head (signed 'S. Holden'), with an engraving of the Plague-Stone beneath it, followed by the text: 'The Relic represented above formed the corner coping-stone of a garden wall, immediately above the spot indicated in the drawing by the letter A. It is traditional in the neighbourhood that about the middle of the 17th century, (probably in the year 1665,) several cases of The Plague occurred in this house.

Stamped certificate, signed by the Belgaum magistrate, appointing 'Lieut. Peacock, Officer in charge Disinfection and Contact Segregation Camps', 'a plague authority under the Moffussil Plage rule in the town and suburbs of Belgaum'.

E. <Cairnford?>, Magistrate, Belgaum [Lieut-Col. Edward Barnes Peacock (b.1873; fl.1955), 31st Punjab Regiment, son of Sir Barnes Peacock (1810-1890), first Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court]
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Belgaum, District Magistrate, Belgaum District. 20 August 1899.

1p., landscape 12mo. With circular purple stamp of the Magistrate of the District, Belgaum. The magistrates name is faded and difficult to decipher (''). Completed in manuscript (in square brackets in the following transcription): '[Lieut. Peacock, Officer in charge Disinfection and Central Segregation Camps,] Supervisor of Circle No. [last four words crossed through] is hereby appointed a plague authority under the Moffussil Plague Rules in the town and suburbs of Belgaum.'
With related newspaper article.

Two Autograph Signature on slip of paper.

Richard Adams (born 1920), English novelist, best-known for 'Watership Down' (1972)
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Undated and with place not stated.

On strip of paper roughly two inches by eight wide. Good. Two bold signature reads 'Yours sincerely | Richard Adams'. Presumably the collector was expected to cut the autographs off individually - for wgatever purpose.

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