Printed handbill requesting 'a Meeting of the Owners and Masters of Vessels' to discuss 'the establishment and maintenance of one or more Floating Lights', 'particularly on the East Coast' of England.

J. Herbert, Secretary, Trinity House, London [Dawson Turner; lighthouses]
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'TRINITY-HOUSE, LONDON, | 23rd November, 1826.'
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On one side of a piece of laid paper, roughly 31 x 20 cm. 30 lines. Tipped in along one edge inside modern folder with grey paper boards. Good, on paper lightly creased at foot. Addessed 'To Dawson Turner Esqre' by 'Custom House | Yarmouth | 11 December 1826 | [signed]

'. Suggests a meeting to discuss suggestions 'with a view to afford additional means of security to Ships and Vessels navigating on the Coast of England, and particularly on the East Coast, and up the Swin to the Rivers Thames or Medway', and the advantages 'by the establishment and maintenance of one or more Floating Lights, (and if of two, the easternmost to be stationed in a situation near the west end of the Swin Middle, and the westernmost near where the Shears Beacon now stands'.