[Charles Sanderson, Sheffield steel manufacturer.] Autograph Letter Signed to John Purdie of Edinburgh, discussing the state of trade, his financial affairs, and the possible liquidation of his company and sale of machinery including a steam engine.

Charles Sanderson (1803-1873) of Sharrow Vale, Sheffield, steel manufacturer, son of John Sanderson of Sanderson Brothers [John Purdie, Heriot Row, Edinburgh]
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Sheffield. 21 April 1845.
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5pp., 4to. Addressed, with postmarks, to 'John Purdie Esqre | Heriot Row | Edinburgh'. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Neatly and closely written. Apparently writing to a business partner or backer, Sanderson discusses subjects including his father's 'serious illness', the state of trade, the 'costings made by the fellow Wood', 'the small High Pressure Steam Engine', 'That confounded Pig Iron', financial affairs ('As soon as I can get the a/cs well arranged and all the Books entered up I shall be better able to see how far I can liquidate the outstanding debts and what help I shall require'), 'Valuation of the Machinery'. He writes: 'I have had an application for the Steam Engine for a Co. in Germany. I have asked 600£ for it but stated I would take £550 if paid at once. A person is come from London to look at it it is now 10 days ago.'