[James F. L. Wood, Assistant Manager, Society for the Suppression of Mendicity.] Manuscript confidential report (signed 'Exd. R Ferguson') to A. J. B. Beresford Hope, on nine cases of begging letters sent from the Lisson Grove area of London.

James F. L. Wood, Assistant Manager, Society for the Suppression of Mendicity [Mendicity Society] [Sir Alexander James Beresford Beresford Hope (1820-1887), Conservative politician; R. Ferguson]
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On letterhead of the Begging Letter Department, Mendicity Office, Red Lion Square. 3 April 1856.
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3pp., folio. Bifolium on grey paper. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'A. J. B. Beresford Hope | Esq | Arklow House', with Penny Red stamp and postmarks. In good condition, on aged paper, with some discoloration to the reverse of the second leaf. Printed in red at the head of the first page: 'THIS REPORT IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. | SUBSCRIBERS ARE REQUESTED NOT TO GIVE IT, OR COPIES, OR EXTRACTS THEREFROM, OR OTHER COMMUNICATIONS FROM THIS OFFICE TO APPLICANTS - IMPROPER USE HAVING BEEN MADE OF THEM.' Beneath this there follow ten lines printed in black, the first four regarding the 'increased Business attending the Begging Letter Department', and the other six giving two 'Resolutions of the Board'. The report itself is written out in manuscript, and signed at the end 'Exd. R Ferguson' ('the Visitor' referred to in the document); it is also signed in type by Wood. The first entry reads: '128,276 | Jane Johnson, | 4 Victoria Place, Salisbury Street, | Lisson Grove. | "On calling at the address given, as above, the Visitor was informed that the Applicant was dead & buried."' The fourth entry: '128,280 | Elizabeth Compton, | 7 Princess Street, Lisson Grove. | "The Applicant's Character is favorably spoken of, but her Case is one of hopeless distress, & can only be effectually relieved b admission into the Workhouse."' And the sixth entry: '128,663 | Margaret Crooke, | 53 Henry Street, St John's Wood. | "It appears from the enquiries that have been made respecting this Case, that both Applicant & her Husband are in work, and capable of maintaining themselves, without appealing for Charity."'