[Caslon Letter Foundry, London.] Printed covering letter to accompany a specimen book and history of the Caslon Foundry, signed and dated by Thomas W. Smith.

Thomas W. Smith, proprietor, Caslon Letter Foundry, London
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Caslon Letter Foundry, 22 Chiswell Street, EC. [London] July 1896.
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1p., 12mo. Attractively printed within a decorative border, on the recto of the first leaf of a bifolium. The letter reads: 'Dear Sir | The Specimen Book sent you herewith, of which I have much pleasure in asking your acceptance, contains a history of the Caslon Foundry printed with the justly celebrated types engraved by its founder in the early part of last Century. | It has been undertaken less from business motives than from a desire to produce a work of literary interest, and I venture to hope it may be deemed worthy of a place in your library.' The date and Smith's signature are the only manuscript additions. Smith purchased the Foundry from the Caslon family in 1873.