[American Student Protest material, 1970.] Ten leaflets from the aftermath of the Kent State shootings: Labor-Student Coalition for Peace; Militant Labor Forum; Afro-Americans for SWP; The Dominican Students' Revolutionary Front; Workers' League.

[Labor-Student Coalition for Peace; Militant Labor Forum; Afro-Americans for SWP; The Dominican Students' Revolutionary Front; Workers' League; Kent State shooting; Vietnam War Protests]
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New York. May 1970.
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These ten items were produced at the height of the surge of outrage with which the American left greeted the killing of four students by National Guardsmen at Kent State University, Ohio, on 4 May 1970. (As an example of the incident's wider cultural significance, see the song 'Ohio' by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.) Originating from New York, six of the items are dated from the end of the same month, and the other undated items date from the same period. All ten items are single leaves. Eight of them are 8vo, one is 21 x 18cm, and the other 35 x 21cm. Eight are printed on one side of the leaf only and the other two on both sides. One on green paper stock, another on blue, a third on orange and a fourth on pink: the others on white. ONE: 'Labor-Students Rally | Stop the War'. City Hall Park, 21 May [1970]. With 'Stop' sign printed in red and black onto pink square. TWO: "ALL IN GOOD FAITH". Vol. 1 No. 2. Cartoon duplicated in purple ink, featuring 'Greasy John', 'Professor D. Tatcht', a redneck sheriff, etc. THREE: 'The Domenican Students' Revolutionary Front invites all to a revolutionary seminar on the Domincan Republic'. Alternate U. (2nd floor), 530 6th Ave. 22 May 1970. FOUR: 'Center for Marxist Education presents "The Inside Job: Trotzkyism in the Movement" | Mike Zagarell' 22 May [1970]. Center for Marxist Education, 29 West 15 Street. FIVE: 'The Antiwar University: A new stage in the student movement'. Talk by Sid Finehirsch, Carol Brown, Pat Grogan and Mike Weissman. Ausp. Militant Labor Forum, 873 Broadway. 22 May [1970]. SIX: 'fundamentals of marxism and black nationalism | malcolm x - fidel - lenin | trotsky - che - marx - tabata | classes wednesday 7:30p.m.' 'spon.-afro-americans for SWP '70 Campaign'. 873 Broadway. SEVEN: 'Vietnam Cambodia Kent Augusta Jackson . . . U.S. Troops out of s.e. asia . . . off the campuses!' March 'to demand the immedate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from S.E. Asia', 30 May [1970], 'MEMORIAL DAY', 'from 91st-95th St. down Fifth Avenue to in [sic] Central Park Sheep Meadow'. EIGHT: 'Time for Action | An Open Letter To Working People At This Rally'. 7.30pm, 22 May [1970]. In room 16G Academy Hall, 853 Broadway. NINE: 'Are you under 18? | You are already a draft resister if you | Hate the war . . . | Feel life is for loving . . . | Want to stop the system that profits from war . . . | Are against the oppression at home and abroad! | WARS WILL CEASE when we refuse to fight them! | STRIKE for LIFE | WORK FOR PEACE | EXPLAIN TO YOUR PARENTS THE FACTS OF LIFE'. TEN: [In English and Spanish.] 'Workers! Students! | MASS RALLY OF LABOR | City Hall - Thursday - 12 Noon | CALLED BY 14 UNIONS INCLUDING DISTRICT 65, LOCAL 1199 AND SSEU-371'. Workers League, Phone 254-7120. ('Beat Nixon Back!)