autograph letters signed (x 2) to Mr [?] Brailsford,

William Aylmer Gowing ["Walter Gordon"]
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one undated, the other 1887.
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Playwright under the name Walter Gordon. The first, 4 pp, 12mo, on mourning paper, 24 August 1887, c/o Mrs H. E. Rose, Buxton on the Water, Glos. "I went to Town yesterday to attend the Funeral of my old friend [John] Palgrave Simpson [dramatist and novelist, 1807-1887, DNB], returning here again this morning. / Of course the death seemed sudden when it came although one had forseen it coming for some long time past. He was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Walham Green - a small unpretentious place, many friends present." He goes on to describe his tour of the neighbourhood of Buxton with his wife, daughter and grandchildren. The second, 11 November [no date], with letterhead Kendal Villa, 37 Victoria Road, Kensington, one page, 12mo. He invites him to dine with "Mrs Keeley [the actress Mary Ann Keeley, 1806-99, DNB] and one or two other friends". Two items,