[Frederick York Powell, historian and folklorist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Frck York Powell') to an unnamed recipient, regarding Samuel Laing's 'Sea Kings of Norway', a 'final settlement of terms' and 'complete program of work'

Frederick York Powell (1850-1904), Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford
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Christ Church, Oxford, on cancelled letterhead of the Reading School. 7 July 1888.
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1p., 12mo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Headed: 're Laing's Sea Kings of Norway'. In an attractive and distinctive hand, he writes: 'Dear Sir / I am quit of my Examn. work at Oxford and propose to call on you with reference to final settlement of terms on Friday morning next. I shall bring with me complete program of work etc | I am yours faithfully | Frck York Powell'.