[William W. Clary, Los Angeles book collector.] Typed Letter Signed ('William W Clary') to the wife of London theatrical bookseller Ifan Kyrle Fletcher, regarding 'autographed letters', the publication of a Max Beerbohm item, and the Zamorano Club.

William W. Clary (1888-1971), Los Angeles lawyer, book collector and founding member of the Zamorano Club [Ifan Kyrle Fletcher (d.1964), London theatrical historian and bookseller; Max Beerbohm]
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433 South Sprint Street, Los Angeles 5, California. 8 May 1961.
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1p., 8vo. Air mail letter addressed to Fletcher at 22 Buckingham Gate, London SW1. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. He thanks him for his letter 'regarding autographed [sic] letters', explaining that 'we have gone in very little for letters and manuscripts, although we have made a few exceptions where they were in bound volumes or had some very important Oxford interest'. (Clary's Oxford collection is now at the Claremont Colleges Library. Williams's letters do not 'quite fit our program' (the plural presumably referring to Claremont). He continues with reference to a sonnet obtained for Clary at 'the Max Beerbohm sale'. He is sending a copy of 'a little pamphlet' which they have 'fixed up' about it. In conclusion he explains the origin of the name of the Zamorano Club.