[ Chief Signals Officer, 9 Corps, British Army, North African, Second World War. ] Duplicated typescript: 'C.S.O. 9 Corps | Signal Report on the Tunisian Campaign, 1943.' With coloured maps and diagrams.

[ Chief Signals Officer, 9 Corps, British Army, Tunisia Campaign, North Africa, Second World War ]
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[ Tunisian Campaign, 1943. ]
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29pp., 8vo. On white and pink paper. Followed by three fold-out plates and two diagrams, all in colour ('Battle of Fondouk', 'Battles of Goubellat Plain & Tunis', 'Later Phase of Battle of Tunis', 'Wireless Communications | H.Q. 9 Corps - Apr/May 1943 | Standard Layout', 'Wireless Communications | Corps H.Q. | Suggested requirements'). Stapled, with grey front cover bearing title. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with the last few plates detached. The 'General Introduction' reads: 'These notes are divided into eight parts as follows: - | Part I General | Part II Tactical Handling of Signals | Part III Non-technical | Part IV Technical | Part V Establishments | Part VI G.1098 | Part VII Signed Park | Part VIII Captured Equipment | Part IX Other points. | Part I includes an introduction and maps prepared by CE 9 Corps, which he has most kindly given me permission to reprint. | The remaining parts include matter contained in reports from: - | OC 9 Corps Sigs | OC 1 (Br) Armd Div Sigs | OC 6 ARmd Div Sigs | OC 1 (Br) Div Sigs | OC 4 Div Sigs | Unfortunately the role of 5 Corps, and hence the employment of 5 Corps Sigs was so different from the role of 9 Corps that the conclusions and recommendations that are arrived at in this report are likely to differ considerably from those arrived at by CSO 5 Corps.' Scarce: no other copy traced (not in the Imperial War Museum collection). From the Barrie Pitt papers.