[ George Adams, English sculptor. ] Autograph draft of invitation by 'Mr. George S. Adams, Sculptor' to a private view, with separate piece of paper carrying autograph transcription of poetical quotation.

George Adams [ George Gammon Adams ] (1821-1898), English sculptor
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Both items undated. Draft invitation giving address 126 Sloane Street [ London ].
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Draft invitation on both sides of landscape 12mo (11 x 18 cm) piece of paper. In fair condition, lighly aged. A rough draft, apparently for the design of a printed card. The main effort, on one page, reads: 'Mr. Geo. G. Adams, Sculptor, | Solicits the honor of a call, from | [wavy line] | to inspect his | [two wavy lines] | Private view on the [wavy line] | 126, Sloane Street.' There is the start of another attempt on the reverse. The poetical quotation is on one side of a 5 x 18 cm strip of paper, laid down on a paper backing. In fair condition, aged and worn. The transcription (from Erasmus Darwin) reads: ' "More than His chisel soft unfurled, | Whose heaven-wrought statue charms the World!' A small strip of paper at the foot, identifies the author with the typewritten text: 'GEORGE ADAMS SCULPTOR'.