Collection of printed material by the Official Buddy Holly Appreciation Society, England, including membership cards, newsletters, publicity photographs, biographies, lists of recordings, facsimile letter from Holly's parents, fake concert poster.

Buddy Holly and The Crickets [The Official Buddy Holly Appreciation Society, England; Mr and Mrs L. O. Holley]
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Dating from between 1961 and 1965.
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Following the singer's death in 1959 Johnny C. Beecher relaunched Holly's official English fan club, helping to keep his reputation alive at a time when he was practically forgotten in America. As Beecher stated in an interview, he kept 'in touch with Buddy's parents, Ella and L.O., and I can say that without them it wouldn't have been possible, as they sent us all sorts of information and photographs that kept up our enthusiasm. The Crickets also helped out and were pretty nice considering all we ever asked 'em was, "What was Buddy really like." Despite that, we became pals. Norman and Vi Petty sent us information from time to time'. Although lightly aged, this collection is in good condition, with occasional wear and rust to staples. A total of 42 items, comprising: 24 copies of the Society's newsletter, from 3 (February 1961) to 26 (August 1965). Beginning as mimeographed foolscap pages (generally four pages to an issue) and ending as a pamphlet with leaf dimensions 20 x 16.5 cm. The final issues feature five instalments of reminiscences by Holly's mother Ella ('Mrs. L. O. Holley'), exclusively written for 'Buddy's fans in England'. Also reprints letters to the Society from the Crickets and from Holly's family. Among the other matter is a reminiscence from Bob Kingston ('Managing Director of Southern Music'), including the following regarding a show by Holly at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1958: 'there was a minor panic [...] Buddy was refusing to go on for the second house [...] Buddy and Jerry had been sparring around in fun, and accidentally Jerry's head had collided with Buddy's chin, snapping one of his front teeth completely off [...] A piece of chewing gum was shaped to fit in the gap [...]'. ALSO four biographical notices of Holly by Beecher, each different, mimeographed over a total of six pages (five foolscap and one quarto), two of which are devoted to The Crickets. ALSO three lists, each different and each titled 'Complete List of Buddy Holly Records', totalling five mimeographed foolscap pages. ALSO a facsimile of a undated handwritten letter by 'Mr. & Mrs. L. O. Holley', expressing 'thanks and appreciation for the continued love and devotion to the memory of our dear Buddy'. ALSO five promotional photographs on postcards: three of Holly alone (one, dated November 1960, by Coral Recordings, with promotional text on the reverse), the other two of Holly with The Crickets. ALSO four of the Society's membership cards, the first two signed by Beecher, issued between March 1961 and August 1965 to Raymond Napthine. ALSO a fake poster for the Winter Dance Party, Clear Lake, Iowa, 2 February 1959. Printed in black and yellow on both sides of a leaf of shiny art paper measuring roughly 23.5 x 32 cm. Featuring what appear to be fake photographs of Holly, Valens, Dion and the Big Bopper, and with an advertisement for Texaco Fire-Chief Gasoline on the reverse.