[ Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd., London publishers. ] Copy of the firm's retrospective book 'Fifty Years 1898-1948', signed by twelve members of staff, including senior director George H. Milstead and directors Mervyn Horder and P. D. Crichton-Stuart.

Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd., London publishers [ George H. Milsted; Mervyn Horder; P. D. Crichton-Stuart; A. J. Griffiths
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Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd. 3 Henrietta St., London, W.C.2. 'Printed for private circulation, 1948'.
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62pp., 12mo. In printed boards with blue printed label with red text on front cover. In fair condition, on lightly aged paper, in worn boards. The flyleaf carries twelve signatures: 'George H. Milsted' (Senior Director), 'Mervyn Horder' (Director), 'Patrick Crichton-Stuart' (Director), 'A. J Griffiths.' ('London traveller'), 'Alan Harris' ('literary adviser'),'A. G. Lewis' ('On the managerial side'), 'G P Rothwell', 'A G. Rudge', 'M. H. Pyke.', '', 'E Walton.' and ''. Sections titled 'Fifty Years', 'Duckworth Authors', 'Duckworth Series', 'A List of Dates' and 'Conclusion'. Frontispiece of 'Duckworth Colophons'. R. B. Cunninghame Graham is described as a 'proud "Scottish hidalgo"' who for twenty years 'had regularly shown superb horsemanship riding a wild pony "Pampa" in Rotten Row', and Anthony Powell is said to have joined the firm om 2026, 'fresh from Oxford', before conducting a 'vigorous campaign of new authors and ideas' with Thomas Balston.