[ Chelsea Hospital for Officers. ] Programme for an entertainment, signed by 25 performers ('The P.U.O.'s. (Pierrots of Unknown Origin)') and Sir Edward Marshall Hall

Chelsea Hospital for Officers, London, founded by Lady Violet Brassey; Sir Edward Marshall Hall (1858-1927), barrister and Conservative MP
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[ Chelsea Hospital for Officers, 40 Upper Grosvenor Street, London. ] 'Xmas 1918.'
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[4]pp., 8vo. On shiny art paper. Stitched with red, white and blue ribbon into cream card wraps. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The front cover of the wraps has the signature of 'E. Marshall-Hall' at its head, and is illustrated with a spoof coat of arms, featuring three nurses, beneath the heading 'The P.U.O.'s. (Pierrots of Unknown Origin)'. Inside the front cover is a page of spoof advertisements, with in-jokes about the performers, as well as one clearly referring to Marshall Hall: 'I will cure you of the Swearing Habit in 9 days. Write for free booklet and enclose three pence in stamps for postage to Harshall-Mall, Furnace St., K.C.' Inside the back cover is a humorous list of 'Things We Want to Know'. The programme itself is on shiny art paper, with first page reading 'Chelsea Hospital for Officers, | Founded by | Lady Violet Brassey.' On the reverse of the first leaf is a list of eleven songs and recitations, by Miss Shepstone, Miss Myers, The Misses Walpole and Sandford, 'The Terrible Twins' Maud Walpole, and 'P.U.O.' The facing page (recto of the second leaf) gives details of the 'Dramatic Sketch. | “The Rest Cure.”', set in 'A Bedroom in a Nursing Home.' The parts are played by Miss Evelyn Sartoris, Miss Noël Shute, Miss Enid Bevan, Miss Hilary Glen and Miss Xandra Sartoris. The reverse of the second leaf is 'reserved for Mental Cases | or | Autographs of Performers', and carries twenty-five signatures of performers, including those named above. The hospital was demolished in 1934. From the papers of Sir Edward Marshall Hall. A scarce item: no other copy traced.