[ Printed Boer War item. ] 'Return of Troops marching into Bloemfontein on its Surrender . . . 13th. March. 1900.' With diagrammatic lists of 'Staff Officers' and 'Officers of the Army Head Quarter Staff'.

Major-General W. F. Kelly, Deputy Adjuitant General, South Africa Field Force [ Boer War ]
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Government House, Bloemfontein. [ 1900. ]
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Printed in black and red on both sides of a 22 x 20 cm. piece of thick paper. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. One side carries the return, in a table with twenty columns, listing units, officers, warrant and non-commission officers, horses and guns. On the other side are two diagrammatic representations, the upper with names of various officers in a concentric rectangular design, listing the 'Staff Officers of Divisions and Brigades & Foreign Military Attaches, who marched into Bloemfontein 13th. March.' The lower, in a concentric oval design with star shapes at the centre, lists 'Officers of the Army marching into Bloemfontein 13th March 1900', with Roberts at the centre. The only copy on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC at the Imperial War Museum.