[ Sir William Palin Elderton, actuary. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'W. Palin Elderton'), the first to the mathematician W. H. Besant and the second to Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts

Sir William Palin Elderton (1877-1962), actuary, President of the Institute of Actuaries [ William Henry Besant (1828-1917), mathematician; Royal Society of Arts, London ]
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Both on letterhead of Quill Hall Cottage, Amersham Common, Bucks, with the address of the lettter to Besant amended to Mansion House Street, E.C. [ London ] Both 23 January 1916.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly aged paper, and both docketed in blue pencil. The letter to Wood with the oval date stamp of the Society. ONE: ALS to Sir H. T. Wood, 23 January 1916. 1p., 12mo. Reads: 'I hear that my friend Mr. Besant has very kindly recommended that I might be able to review Major MacMahon's new book for you but I am afraid just at present I am so frightfully full up with work that I dare not undertake anything else – Even if I had time I fear the book would be beyond me. I am very sorry I cannot help.' TWO: ALS to 'My dear Besant', 23 January 1916. 1p., 4to. He explains that he has written to the Society 'to say I am sorry but cannot. - I daren't take on anything else as I am at present staying at the beastly office till 10 at night to help the remnants of the staff with what they are pleased to call “balance” & with valuation. But even if I had time I should be a bit frightened of trying my hand on MacMahon – he is a most exalted authority on the particular business & my knowledge of it is simply “nil”. - I should think that the Henry Smith refrence of Sir H. T. Wood is fairly descriptive of it. I wish I could have said “yes” but it had to be “no.”' A final paragraph refers to Besant's holiday in Torquay, and how 'other people's work & an ill brother' prevent him from 'taking the holiday that everyone ought to have as a matter of principle at this time of the year!'