[ The John Hassall Correspondence Art School. ] Sixteen Typed 'Lessons', being personalised anonymous assessments of the work of Miss E. Elderton of Teignmouth.

The John Hassall Correspondence Art School, London [ John Hassall (1868-1948), artist and poster designer; E. Elderton of Teignmouth ]
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The John Hassall Correspondence Art School [ London ]. Lessons I to XVI, 17 November 1932 to 24 May 1934.

The 16 'lessons (I-XVI)' total 31pp., 8vo., with Lesson XIV on 1pp., and the other 15 on 2pp. In fair condition, on aged paper with slight rusting and pin holes at the corner where the sixteen have been attached. All 16 are anonymous, but each carries a set of initials at the end: the last 12 ending with 'JH/W', and of the first four two with 'JH/D', and two with 'JH/MW'.. 'JH' presumably stands for 'John Hassall', with 'D', 'MW' and 'W' the name of the writer of the response.

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