[ James Hall of Walthamstow, poet. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Benjamin Bloomfield, asking for a copy of his 'Cottage Poems' to be presented to the Prince Regent.

Rev. James Hall (c.1754-1844) of Chestnut Walk, Walthamstow, poet [ Benjamin Bloomfield, 1st Baron Bloomfield (1768-1846), soldier and Private Secretary to the Prince Regent ]
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Long Itchington by Southam, Warwickshire. 8 February 1817.
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1p., 4to. In good condition, neatly inserted into a windowpane mount. Bloomfield, 'somewhat more than a year ago', laid 'before the Prince Regent at Sudbourne Hall, two small productions' of Hall's, and he now wishes, 'as they are my mite to the good of my Country, Cottage poems also to be laid before him'. He feels that the 'concluding little poem' in the collection 'cannot displease his Royal Highness'. No copy of the original edition of Hall's 'Cottage Poems' is listed on COPAC, and only one copy, at Oxford, of the new edition of 1820.