[ Sir Bertram Sausmerez Carey on the Burma Labour Corps: signed presentation copy. ] A Recruiting Speech made by the Hon'ble Mr. B. S. Carey, C.S.I., at Sagaing, on 1st November 1917.'

B. S. Carey [ Sir Bertram Sausmerez Carey (1864-1919), Commissioner at Sagaing in the Burma Civil Service; the Burma Labour Corps, First World War ]
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'Printed by order of the Government of Burma. | G, B. C. P. O. [i.e. Government of Burma Central Printing Office ] - No. 867, Chief Secy, 9(a), 19-11-17 [ i.e. 19 November 1917 ] - 150. [i.e. 150 copies ]'
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11pp., 8vo. Unbound as issued: on three bifoliums attached at one corner with string. In good condition, lightly aged. Inscribed by Carey above the drophead title: 'Mrs. H. Tonkinson with grateful thanks for her work in connection with the Corps | B. S. Carey'. (See p.10: 'I cannot leave the subject without paying a tribute to Mrs. Tonkinson for her untiring and successful efforts as Honorary Secretary of the Committee. She deserves and receives our hearty thanks.' Filled with information regarding the organisation of the BLC and its activities on the Western Front, as well as a splendid example of institutionalised colonial racism. It is Carey's view that 'the Burman is worthy to serve in the Army and Labour Corps and take an honourable part in the great war', but that he is not pulling his weight. He addresses 'the Burman' at the end: 'May your children and your children's children boast that you shared in the glory of the British Empire and did your very best in this war. It can be but a very small share which you are able to take, but let it be your utmost. Remember that in the eyes of the world the Burman has so far done next to nothing at all, so lose no time in getting to work, and I hope when the British Empire has won the victory it can be truthfully said that the Burmese race tried to do its duty.' Most of the final page is taken up with a list of 23 native Burmese headed 'Certificates of Honour were then presented to the following for good service in connection with recruitment.' The list is divided into three parts: 13 individuals (beginning with 'Maung Shwe Zwe, Myothugyi of Yinmabin') under 'Lower Chindwin District'; 4 (beginning with 'Maung San Nyun, Thugyi of Tamadaw') under 'Shwebo District'; and 9 (beginning with 'Maung Chit Po, T.DM., Myothugyi of Allagappa') under 'Sagaing District'. For more information on Carey, see the two reports of his death in The Times, 16 and 22 July 1919; and his entry in Who Was Who. Scarce: no other copy traced on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.