[ Sir Bertram Sausmerez Carey on the Burma Labour Corps: signed presentation copy. ] A Recruiting Speech made by the Hon'ble Mr. B. S. Carey, C.S.I., at Sagaing, on 1st November 1917.'

B. S. Carey [ Sir Bertram Sausmerez Carey (1864-1919), Commissioner at Sagaing in the Burma Civil Service; the Burma Labour Corps, First World War ]
Publication details: 
'Printed by order of the Government of Burma. | G, B. C. P. O. [i.e. Government of Burma Central Printing Office ] - No. 867, Chief Secy, 9(a), 19-11-17 [ i.e. 19 November 1917 ] - 150. [i.e. 150 copies ]'

11pp., 8vo. Unbound as issued: on three bifoliums attached at one corner with string. In good condition, lightly aged. Inscribed by Carey above the drophead title: 'Mrs. H. Tonkinson with grateful thanks for her work in connection with the Corps | B. S. Carey'. (See p.10: 'I cannot leave the subject without paying a tribute to Mrs. Tonkinson for her untiring and successful efforts as Honorary Secretary of the Committee.

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