[ Edward Carpenter, poet, socialist and homosexual activist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ed. Carpenter'), praising a portrait, disparaging 'the people', and stating that 'something is being built up, wh. cannot be consumed'.

Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), poet and author, socialist and homosexual activist, friend of Rabindranath Tagore, and a friend of Walt
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Place not stated. 17 November 1905.
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2pp., landscape 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named or addressed, the letter starting abruptly after the date: 'I like your portrait much. Thanks for sending it. Yes, the people are [last word underlined] fools, and the mills of God grind slowly. Nevertheless the work is not lost, and its outcome is sure. It is no good bothering about special results. They must take their own way (generally to the Crematorium!) but all the while something is being built up, wh. cannot be consumed.' He ends by asking for information regarding Thomas Coglan Horsfall's book on town planning, 'The Example of Germany' (1904): 'Is it worth getting, or is it too ponderous & dull? Just send particulars on a card'.