[ Charles Deemer, American playwright. ] Typescript of unpublished play titled 'Champoeg: The Story of Old Oregon'. With typescript of review of five books on the Oregon Trail.

Charles Deemer, American playwright, director and editor, known for his 'Oregon Plays' and adoption of 'Hyperdrama'
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[ Oregon, United States of America. ] Both items undated, but play from 1989, and review c.1992.
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PLAY: 81pp., 8vo. On one side each of 81 leaves of yellow paper. In good condition, lightly aged, with the first leaf a little dogeared. No cast list or other prelims, but the complete play, and with each page paginated from 1-81. First page headed: 'CHAMPOEG: THE STORY OF OLD OREGON | by Charles Deemer'. An unpublished two-act historical drama, in 35 scenes, covering a thirty-year period, with the first scene titled 'The Return of the Brigade (1829)', and the last 'Statehood (1859)'. Other scenes include: 'Oregon as Utopia (1829-33)', 'The First White Woman over the Rockies (1836)', 'At the Lee Mission (1837)', 'The Whitman Massacre (1845-7)'; 'At Five Crows' Teepee (1847)', 'Should Oregon be Free or Slave?' (1848), 'Gold! (1849)' and 'The Indian Treaties' (1855)'. 'Champoeg' premiered in Portland, Oregon, in 1989. TWO: Computer printout of two untitled reviews, headed 'by Charles Deemer'. On a roll of five sheets of fanfold paper with edge and horizontal perforations. In good condition, lightly aged. The first article, making up three-fifths of the text, is a review of four books: 'Francis Parkman. The Oregon Trail. (Rhinehart & Co., Inc., 1931). | Joel Palmer. Journal of Travels over the Rocky Mountains (1845-61). J.A. and U.P. James, 1847). | Frederica B. Coons. The Trail to Oregon. (Binfords & Mort, 1954). | Gregory M. Franzwa. The Oregon Trail Revisited. (Patrice Press, 1972.)' The first paragraph reads: 'As I was preparing to begin this article, watching the blinking cursor on a[n] uncluttered computer screen, National Public Radio was reporting that Neo-Nazis have been attacking “ethnic impurity” in Germany, even as unarmed protesters in South Africa were being fired upon, jeopardizing the long painful “peace process” in that troubled land. Do we learn nothing from history?' The second article is a review of 'Lewis A. McArthur. Oregon Geographic Names. (Oregon Historical Society Press, 1992.)' The review of this 'very extraordinary book' concludes: 'If Coons or Franzwa is the guide to have on the seat when revisiting the Oregon Trail, this volume is a worthy companion for any journey within the state, a resource that can turn routine travel into an adventure into delightful trivia.'