[ Charles Deemer, American playwright. ] Typescript of unpublished play titled 'Champoeg: The Story of Old Oregon'. With typescript of review of five books on the Oregon Trail.

Charles Deemer, American playwright, director and editor, known for his 'Oregon Plays' and adoption of 'Hyperdrama'
Publication details: 
[ Oregon, United States of America. ] Both items undated, but play from 1989, and review c.1992.

PLAY: 81pp., 8vo. On one side each of 81 leaves of yellow paper. In good condition, lightly aged, with the first leaf a little dogeared. No cast list or other prelims, but the complete play, and with each page paginated from 1-81. First page headed: 'CHAMPOEG: THE STORY OF OLD OREGON | by Charles Deemer'. An unpublished two-act historical drama, in 35 scenes, covering a thirty-year period, with the first scene titled 'The Return of the Brigade (1829)', and the last 'Statehood (1859)'.

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