[ Pollock's Toy Museum, London. ] Three letters from Benjamin Pollock's daughter Louisa (Miss E. L. Pollock), as manager, to W. H. Prince, including list of books and itemised receipt. With price list and engraving of the front of the original shop.

Pollock's Toy Museum, London [ Miss E. L. Pollock [Louisa Pollock ]; Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop; founded by John Redington (1819–1876), and continued by his son-in-law Benjamin Pollock (1856-1937)]
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[ Pollock's Toy Museum. ] The three letters (all 1944) dated from 73 Hoxton Street, London, N1. The price list and illustration of the Hoxton shop front undated.
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Five items. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'E. L. Pollock') to W. H. Prince. A total of 6pp. The writer, 'Miss E. L. Pollock', is Benjamin Pollock's daughter Louise, who with her sister Selina managed the shop after his death. All three letters are written in 1944, the year in which the sisters sold the stock to the bookseller Alan Keen. The letters respond to enquiries regarding the stock, and one (12 May 1944) includes an itemised bill of twelve items 'Bought of Pollock's late B Pollock | 73. Hoxton St. London. N.1.' The letter concludes: 'I seem to remember your name as I have been many years now in the shop, ever since my brother died of wounds in the last war, he was learning all parts with Dad, & no doubt would have carried on.' On the reverse of an earlier letter (17 April 1944) is a long list of 'plays I have complete with book of words'. The third letter (26 May 1944) reads: 'I am sorry to say I have no more complete plays only those I sent you, no doubt I should have more of the odd sheets, but I should have to get you to make out a list of the odd ones I sent you, as I do not want to repeat them. I have not a book of words for Silver Palace, as it has been out of print for some years now.' TWO: Duplicated 'List of Plays and Pantomimes with prices complete with books of words.' Under the heading: 'B. Pollock | Juvenile Theatrical Print Publisher | 73 Hoxton Street, N. | Established upwards of 50 Years.' 1p., 8vo. In two columns in facsimile of handwriting. Additional information added in Louisa Pollock's hand, with note: 'Early closing day. Thursdays 1. o'clock.' THREE: Uncoloured engraved illustration of the frontage of the original shop (founded by Benjamin Pollock's father-in-law John Redington), 208 Hoxton Street, with name above door: 'J. REDINGTON, | PRINTER, BOOKBINDER & STATIONER'. 1p., landscape 8vo. On thin paper. At foot: 'London. Published by B. Pollock, 73, Hoxton Street, Hoxton.' At head: 'Scene 8. Pollock's Scenes in Baron Munchausen No. 8.'