[ Lady Agatha Russell, daughter of Lord John Russell. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Agatha Russell.'), regarding 'The Inquirer', her father's views on free trade and the repeal of the Corn Laws.

Lady Agatha Russell (1853-1933), daughter of Liberal Prime Minister Lord John Russell and aunt of Bertrand Russell
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On letterhead of Rozeldene, Hindhead, Surrey. 18 April 1930.
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2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Written in a shaky hand. The letter begins: 'Dear Sir | I was much obliged to you for the extra copy of The Inquirer which I was glad to have, containing very good letters supporting Free Trade. It is a subject on which I feel strongly – perhaps inherited from my father! - who was always disappointed that he had not the pleasure of assaying Repal of the Corn Laws – though of course delighted that it was passed.' She concludes the body of the letter with thanks 'for inserting my letter', and in a postscript states that she is enclosing stamps for extra copies of 'The Inquirer'. The reverse carries the following second postscript: 'P.S. | Since writing I have come across a passage in my father's Recollections which perhaps you may care to glance at as I think you will like his wish to “forge a chain of love” - Do not please to return it.' The Unitarian periodical 'The Inquirer' was first published in 1842 and is still in existence. From the papers of the family of the second wife of the geologist Alexander Henry Green (1832-1896), previously Miss Wilhelmina Maria Armstrong of Clifton.?>