[ William Wyndham, Secretary at War ] MS Document (text secretarial) Signed "W Windham" addressed to "His Grace The Duke of Portland, KG"

William Windham, Secretary at War in Pitt's government.
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War Office, 1 August 1799.
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One page, folio, top corner lost with apparently little loss of text, fold marks, small closed tear, faint foxing, mainly good condition. "The undermentioned Arms &c being [expec?]ted to complete the 4th/or King's Own Regiment of Foot: I have the Honour to request that your Grace will receive and transmit His Majesty's commends to the Master General and Board of Ordnance, that the said Arms &c. may be delivbered out of His Majesty's Stores, for the use of the said Regiment, and the Expense thereof charged to the Estimate of Ordnance for Parliament". List of Arms as follows: "30 Pikes | 20 Drums with pairs of sticks | 1000 Stands of Arms complete." Context: "In the summer of the year 1799 the British Ministry came to a resolution to send an army into Holland, with the view of driving out the French, overtuming the Republican Government established under their protection, and bringing the country once more under the dominion of the House of Orange [...]"