[John Lingard, historian.] Conclusion of Autograph Letter Signed ('John Lingard.'), stating that he feels within himself the same 'paralysis of the brain' that he observed in Robert Southey 'in the year 1830'.

John Lingard (1771-1851), historian and Roman Catholic cleric [Robert Southey (1774-1843), Poet Laureate]
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18 March. 1851.
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Lingard's standing as a pioneer of historical method has never been higher. See his entry in the Oxford DNB. A chastening document, in which Lingard states that he feels within himself the beginnings of the 'paralysis of the brain' which he first observed in Robert Southey 'in the year 1830' (this must surely be a mistake for 1840). Lingard was on cordial terms with Southey. In 1834 he called on him and Wordsworth to give evidence on a literary point in a lawsuit. The present item is a square of paper cut from the conclusion of a letter. Recipient not named. In fair condition, lightly aged. Laid down on piece of grey paper. It reads: '[…] but must submit. | Now I have written as much as I dare. For after all, I am not quite at ease about paralysis of the brain and there is much in the accountof Southey to make me think that it is beginning with me, as I observed it in him in the year 1830. So excuse me. | Best remembrances to your sisters twain, | and believe me | Most truly yours | John Lingard. | 18 Mar. 1851.' Note: He died on 17 July in the same year.